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For those seeking forced entry into a building the windows and doors appear as the weak point in the building envelope. With Tiltco products that could not be further from the truth. The basic features of a Tiltco product are the same features that give it supreme security against break-ins.


Laminated glass upgrades allow the glass to stay intact even though the glass panes maybe cracked (video). Internal glazing beads ensure the glass cannot be deglazed from the exterior of the building.


Multipoint locking hardware wrapping around the perimeter of the window and door products allow for a evenly distributed locking pressure that ensure crow bars, hammers and chisels do not break the seal between sash and frame.

Steel Reinforced

Galvanized steel extrusions inside the frames and sashes not only provide dimensional stability but prevent the frame from distorting under external forces.

Welded Corners

Each frame and sash are one integral piece of profile impenetrable by air and water and mechanical disassembly.

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