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CS77: Swing Door

The A82 swing door design offer builders and architects a very unique product for large openings in both residential and commercial applications. Designed with strength, durability and longevity at top of mind. Heavy-duty highest coupled along with a corrosion resistant, made to last gearing system allow for large size openings in dual and triple tempered glazing with unrivaled security. This versatile design can be designed in-swing and out-swing, and is available with various different secure locking configurations. As entrance doors they offer the most beautiful and luxurious way to enter into your home.

Core Features: 
  • Glazing Depth allows for glass thickness up to 38mm (1 ½”)
  • Ergonomically Designed EPDM gaskets 
  • EPDM high Performing main gasket seal 
  • Frame depth of 82mm (3 ¼”)
  • Thermally Engineered polyamide barrier 
  • 6063-T5 aluminum alloy frame 

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  • Energy Efficiency
  • Residential Application
  • Commercial Application
  • Security Application
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  • Sounds Transmission Control
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  • Easy Maintenance
  • Curtain Wall Integration
Double Glazed Unit
Triple Glazed Unit










Condensation Resistance



Primary Product Designator

class aw - pg 75

Design Pressue

± 3600 Pa (±75.00 psf)

Air Infiltration

0.3 L/s/m² (0.05 cfm/ft²)

Acoustic Performance (with Rw per IGU 45 dB)

up to 48 dB

Air Infiltration/Exfiltration


Water penetration resistance test pressure

750 Pa (15.00 psf)

Case Study

North York

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This company focus on every detail from beginning to end.

The windows from Tiltco are wonderful. This company focus on every detail from beginning to end and the owner and crew are very professional and kind.

The site is kept very tidy and clean and they ensure customer satisfaction. Their precise measurements made sure the custom windows fit the frame perfectly.

Not only do you receive high quality windows, but also confidence in their services. Thanks, Tiltco.

– Vivian, Home Owner
Year 2018
Location Toronto, Ontario

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